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magnesium glycinate supplements benefits

Magnesium Glycinate: Tiktok Fad or Scientifically Backed Supplement?

If you’ve opened Tiktok at any point in the last couple of weeks there’s a good chance you’ve seen someone promoting Magnesium Glycinate supplements (with a commission driven link to buy them on Tiktok Shop of course). So is this just a Tiktok fad or are there any actual scientifically backed benefits to taking Magnesium Glycinate supplements? Let’s take a look.

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natural pain killers scientifically proven

5 Scientifically Proven Natural Pain Relievers

Millions of us suffer pain regularly. And while the odd paracetemol will do no harm, relying on over the counter or prescription pain relief regularly for the long term can be problematic. For those who prefer a natural approach, here are 5 natural pain killers – proven by science.

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