Forgive me if I seem a little cynical but everytime someone tells me something new that CBD supposedly helps with I find myself eye rolling and groaning.

CBD has practically been touted as cure for nearly every condition or health problem you might have this point, it seems. And lots of the time, the claims seem to come from the companies manufacturing and/or selling CBD supplements themselves.

BUT, I do know there’s solid science behind CBD for anxiety relief and I know people with chronic pain personally who’ve seen improvements in their symptoms thanks to CBD. So with that in mind I went off and took at look at the scientific studies and research behind claims that CBD can help with sleep.

Does CBD Help With Sleep?

Yes. In short, there’s a growing body of scientific evidence that suggests CBD can help to alleviate some sleep problems and improve the quality of your sleep.

Scientific Research into CBD and Sleep

Here’s a summary of some of the most research research into CBD and sleep:
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PaperInsightYearDid the Study Find CBD Effective for Sleep?
The Safety and Comparative Effectiveness of Non-Psychoactive Cannabinoid Formulations for the Improvement of SleepDemonstrated the safety and effectiveness of non-psychoactive cannabinoids in improving sleep.2023Yes
A Cannabidiol/Terpene Formulation That Increases Restorative Sleep in InsomniacsFound that a CBD/terpene combination enhanced restorative sleep in individuals with insomnia.2023Yes
Medicinal cannabis improves sleep in adults with insomniaIndicated that medicinal cannabis, including CBD, is beneficial for adults suffering from insomnia.2022Yes
Cannabinoids: Emerging sleep modulatorExplored how CBD and other cannabinoids act as sleep modulators.2023Yes
Cannabis and Sleep: A Systematic Review of the Effects of Cannabinoids on Sleep DisordersA comprehensive review of cannabinoids’ impact on various sleep disorders.2023Yes


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So, as you can see, there is absolutely scientific evidence that CBD is effective in helping people sleep better.

But we need to cautious in touting this as some sort of miracle cure for insomnia. First up, the research into CBD is new and emerging and plenty more must be done before we consider CBD as a primary treatment for insomnia for sure.

Doctor’s View on CBD for Sleep

We asked GP Nazreen Morley for her take on CBD for sleep and she told us:

“It’s an emerging area of research for sure, like all potential uses for CBD. So I would always say to my patients that we don’t know everything about CBD yet.

However, what I like about CBD is that all of the research to date shows it is incredibly well tolerated even at very high doses by humans. We’ve not found nasty common side effects or anything like that.

So if patients want to try CBD for sleep, then I see no issue with it but I would advise them to buy from a reputable retailer and to increase their doses slowly.

And of course, if you’re struggling with sleep for a long period of time, go and seek some medical advice to rule out underlying causes.”