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We're a natural health magazine

We’re passionate about what great nutrition and nature itself can do for our bodies. But we’re dismayed with the amount of false information and outright lies that circulates when it comes to natural remedies and supplements. So we’ve made it our business to work with experts who make sure that we’re only ever writing scientifically backed content. We’re debunking myths, looking at the natural healthcare space news and offering up natural healthy and beauty tips, tricks, reviews and opinion. Thanks for joining us.

What we write about

Nutrition and Diet

What we get out of our bodies is heavily influenced by what we put in. We cover news, tips, advice and expertise on all things nutrition.


There really are some wonderful natural based supplements with proven benefits. We talk about those and we dispel the myths behind the dodgy ones!

Natural Beauty

We look at natural ingredients in beauty products, debunk the myths and uncover the wonder ingredients.

We crunch numbers

Research and Data

We often run small research pieces and analyse trends relating to natural health. Join us for some number crunching. 

Look after your

Mental Health

Mental health is a huge concern globally. We cover news, features and discoveries relating to mental health.