It comes down to our whole attitude to what we do – it’s in our nature to want to do things better, whether it’s how we look after our people, the quality of the products we make, our commitment to customer service or our passion for the environment, and in particular, the protection of our native forests and the resources that they provide.

When something is in one’s nature, it means going beyond just getting the job done, it’s about passion and belief.

As one of the largest producers of panel products in Europe, we have a responsibility to be at the forefront of initiatives that tackle today’s environmental challenge. That’s why, as the environmental impact of deforestation became clear, we led the UK industry towards FSC® certification. What’s more, our European operations were amongst the first in the world to produce FSC-certified panel boards.

As one of the leading users of forestry products in the UK we believe that it is important for us to champion what’s best for our industry and British purchasers and users of our products.

Just like water and food, wood is a precious resource. Its environment needs to be protected and its use optimised.

That’s why we have engaged in campaigns that address the key issues.

We are just as committed to other initiatives that are in our nature to believe in.

Through the efforts of everyone in our workforce, our Accidents Zero Tolerance campaign has reduced safety incidences by 56% over the last 5 years – we continue to work towards an accident-free working environment.

We strive to be a good neighbour because we know that our operations have the potential for impact therefore we do our utmost to negate or minimise the effect through stringent controls. We ensure that we not only meet environment legislation but also maintain a continual dialogue with local communities and groups.

We contribute to local causes and help in practical ways such as the donation of materials and advice because we want to be seen as genuinely part of the community.