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    See our video that tells you more about why we say we should use wood wisely.

  • Are you Wood Wise?

Wood is a renewable and versatile resource which, when used sensibly, is proven to reduce carbon in the atmosphere for many decades.

Wood and wood based products are used in a myriad of everyday interior and exterior applications including construction, furniture, joinery, shop fitting, packaging, pallets and transport applications.

At the end of its first life, wood or a wood-based product can be:

  • Re-used
  • Re-cycled

And only then used as a carbon-neutral source of energy.

Getting the greatest benefits from a longer period of carbon storage and from the energy and finite resources saved from the production of alternative fossil-based materials calls for respecting this hierarchy of wood use and respect for the carbon cycle.

Burning virgin wood to create electricity ignores the hierarchy and is a wasteful use of a precious resource.

Help us ensure wood is used wisely, join our campaign today.