Plant more trees to reduce flood risk, report says


Plant more trees to reduce flood risk, report says

A government report calling for more trees to be planted to help manage flood risk has been welcomed by the forestry industry.

Confor said it welcomed a report by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRA) which said flood management should be overhauled to tackle the “rising risk” to communities from climate change.

In their analysis the EFRA committee and its chair, MP Neil Parish, considered recommendations laid out by Confor in its 2016 report, Forestry and Flooding, particularly that more trees should be planted to reduce future flood risks.

“I am very pleased that the committee has taken our advice and is proposing increased tree planting as part of a more holistic approach to flooding and water supply management, looking at catchments as a whole”, said Confor chief executive Stuart Goodall.

Mr Parish said: “Flood management must include much wider use of natural measures such as leaky dams, tree planting and improved soil management.”

“This is yet one more important reason why England should plant many more trees”, Mr Goodall added.

“Confor recently wrote to forestry minister Thérèse Coffey MP to request additional funding for planting trees to sequester carbon following the Paris Agreement in December 2015, and we know the jobs and wildlife benefits are significant too."