Legal academics blog about dangers of biomass amendment


Legal academics blog about dangers of biomass amendment

A recent blog in The Hill publication in the US is hoping to expose the dangers of the biomass carbon neutrality amendment in the Senate energy bill.

The blog, written by two academics holdings the posts of senior counsel at the Centre for Biological Diversity and legal fellow at the Centre for Biological Diversity, describes the amendment as "harmful.' It explains that the amendment is the result of millions of dollars worth of lobbying from the logging industry and could 'wreak havoc on our attempts to fight climate change."

Biomass carbon neutrality amendment "literally mandates that the Environmental Protection Agency and all other government entities consider the use of biomass as a power source to be “carbon neutral," according to the blog authors, William Snape and Stephanie Kurose.

They continue: "This flies in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence that biomass power plants – those that utilise wood and other plant matter – emit three to four times more carbon dioxide as natural gas and 50 percent more carbon dioxide than coal, per megawatt of electricity produced."

The information that woody biomass can be up to 4 times more damaging to our environment than fossil fuels has long been recognised by both Governments and NGOs. The ‘Dirtier than Coal’ report published jointly by a number NGOs a few years ago, in which this issue was identified, has since been echoed in Government’s own research.