Government launches consultation on biomass subsidies


Government launches consultation on biomass subsidies

Conservationists at Biofuelwatch are urging the public to respond to a new consultation on subsidies paid to the biomass industry by contacting their MP in protest.

The government has issued a consultation document on coal generation in Great Britain, which incorporates requests for public opinion on the payment of subsidies to power companies generating energy from the burning of woody biomass.

Biofuelwatch responded by stating: "Biomass is a ‘carbon con’, frequently emitting more CO2 than the fossil fuels its replacing, and in some cases, more than burning coal. However, a loophole allows power companies to discount these emissions, and class burning wood a 'carbon saving'.

"Biomass is also harming forests: much of the wood burnt in UK power stations comes from endangered wetland forests in the South-East USA, or from monoculture plantations which have replaced what were once wild places, home to many different species."

Biofuelwatch is now urging the public to get in touch with their MPs by 20 December to express their views on the payment of subsidies to biomass firms. The organisation has released a letter template to make it simple for concerned members of the public to express their views to their local MP.