Ecologist reports on AxeDrax campaign


Ecologist reports on AxeDrax campaign

The Ecologist magazine has reported on how the #AxeDrax campaign is stepping up its game with a demonstration at the Drax power station in Yorkshire on Saturday 22 October.

The article, written by the co-director of Biofuelwatch, Almuth Ernsting, explains that the campaign hopes to raise awareness of the 'greenwashing' of biomass energy generation. The Drax power station, which is converting its coal-fired power stations into biomass power plants to burn pellets made from trees, received £470 million in government subsidies last year. Over the same year the firm made just £46 million in profits, suggesting that without the subsidies the power plant would not be financially viable.

Ernsting's articles states: "Not only is [the North Yorkshire Drax power station] burning some six million tonnes of coal every year, it is also burning its way through forests in the USA and other countries as it converts to biomass-fired units, rewarded by £1.3 million a day in subsidies."

To find out more about this issue visit the Use Wood Wisely website and discover how potentially damaging this activity could be for the environment, British industry and for UK tax payers.