Counter-website launched to expose biomass lobbyist lies


Counter-website launched to expose biomass lobbyist lies

A new website launched by biomass industry lobbyists,, has been called out by the Partnership for Policy Integrity (PFPI), which has launched its own site,, to clear up the untruths published by the lobbyists. was apparently introduced to publish the "facts on carbon-neutral biomass energy." However, Mary Booth from the PFPI points out that burning tress in any form can not be carbon neutral. She and the PFPI launched their come-back website to set the record straight after started to question articles on the poor environmental credentials of biomass published by serious newspaper such as the Washington Post and the New York Times.

They said the real breaking point came when legislation written by the biomass industry began being passed through Congress. Booth and the PFPI use to point out that claims that biomass energy generation can be carbon neutral and help to reduce climate change are simply untrue and that this can be proven mathematically. explains: “Biomass lobbyists claim burning trees creates no carbon pollution, because ‘somewhere’ other trees are growing and taking carbon out of the atmosphere.

“They’ve convinced certain legislators in Congress to vote for legislation written by biomass industry lobbyists that would force EPA to treat tree-burning power plants as if they have zero carbon emissions, claiming that as long as US forest stocks are stable or growing by any amount, this offsets the carbon pollution pouring from the smokestacks of wood-burning power plants.”

Norbord is adding its voice to calls for biomass to no longer be treated as carbon neutral in the UK and beyond. Our Use Wood Wisely campaign underlines alternative uses of sustainable timber that are more in line reducing climate change.