Archipelago of Anavilhanas at Amazon River. Brazil


Amazon Day 2016!

With all the special days we celebrate now, think ‘Hug Your Dog Day’ – it’s only right that the natural wonder that is the Amazon Rainforest, has its own day of recognition. The Amazon rainforest is a life supporting, natural wonder and in Brazil on 5th September, Amazon Day was celebrated. So, in honour of this special day, we thought we’d look at some amazing facts about the planet’s largest rainforest.

Amazing Rainforest Facts:

  • The rainforest is vast, a huge area! To try and visualise how big, the UK and Ireland would fit into it over 17 times!


  • The canopy of the rainforest is very dense and little light penetrates it. If you were stood in the rainforest and it started to rain, it would be 10 minutes before you got wet!


  • The rainforest is home to the largest number of plant and animal species in the world. There are more than 40,000 plant species, over 400 mammals, over 100 different birds and nearly 400 reptiles….and that’s not even mentioning the fish!


  • Many of the modern day medicines we rely on today have originated from the rainforest e.g. quinine to treat Malaria. 25% of pharmaceutical drugs come from plants and scientists believe there are many more yet to be discovered.


  • One fifth of the planet’s oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest – a pretty significant amount!
  • There are so many different species of trees in the rainforest, it will take 300 years to discover them all!

Palm (Iriartea sp.), Amazon Forest, Manu National Park, Peru


Here at Use Wood Wisely, we love the Amazon! And all of its wonderful inhabitants. We need to keep looking after the world’s wonderful rainforests, trees and woodland areas in order to ensure that the planet keeps ticking over.

Although biomass subsidies in the UK are not directly responsible for the illegal logging and deforestation happening in the Amazon, we are incentivising the burning and the unwise use of wood in the UK, and claiming that it’s a ‘renewable energy’ source. We are taking trees from rainforests, similar to the Amazon, and shipping them over to the UK in order to then just burn the trees for energy – without putting the wood to good use first.

To find out more about why and how we’re campaigning about trees and the wise use of wood in the the UK, visit our website and see how you can support our initiatives.

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